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Entobel was created with the strong belief that nature has done it correctly for million of years. Our mission is to use biological principles built by nature, applying them at an industrial scale in a safe controlled environment.

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In Vietnam since 2014, Entobel supplies the SEA and International agriculture and aquaculture markets with high-quality, sustainable and ethical insect-based ingredients, proteins and fertilizers, all thanks to one incredible insect: the Black Soldier Fly (hermetia illucens).

Using BSF larvae fed on plant-based, pre-consumer organic waste, Entobel has developed and tested a new large source of proteins and natural byproducts with multiple applications.

Discover a new and healthy alternative to traditional protein meals, and let’s change together the way we eat and use our Earth’s natural resources. 

Animal Feed

Insect proteins are a natural source of food for all farm animals and even pets, unlike industrial fish or soy derivatives. Whether you need to feed pigs, chickens or others, choose the healthier insect-alternative. Products made from BSF contain all necessary nutrients for your livestock, possess immuno stimulant properties and are rich in lipids, protein, and calories.


In a region like Southeast Asia where fish production is very high, food for fish, shrimp and other seafood is a major issue. Here again, feeding these sea animals with insect proteins means choosing ecological responsibility, while respecting their natural diet. Scientific studies have also proven that the insect diet does preserve the taste of fish like trouts and salmons. 


Producing insects not only means investing in a high protein value for animals, but also collecting high-quality fertilizers rich in beneficial micro-organisms, for organic crops, guaranteed to be free of chemicals and pesticides. Our fertilizers made from BSF byproducts are intended for all types of soils. Use them on cereal crops, to grow fruits and vegetables, and for arboriculture/viticulture.


Producing insects requires less investment than the cultivation of so-called “traditional” proteins. More economical in space, energy, food and water, insect farming offers affordable costs, similar to their fish-based equivalents. Thanks to the stability of climatic and economical conditions in Vietnam, Entobel keeps its prices steady all year-round. Working with us, our clients can count on a reliable partner, providing products at equal costs with virtually no seasonality. We keep the same pricing policy and the same quality standard for all our products, at all times. 


Since insect farming is more economical, it is therefore greener for the planet. Black Soldier Flies are praised for their virtually non-existent impact on the environment. By choosing the insect alternative over fish protein production, you work for a more ethical and responsible world. Indeed, by buying our insect-based products, you contribute to the fight against over fishing, and its dire consequences in terms of health, ecology, and human rights. With a concerning raise in the proportion of bioplastics ingested by fish and reinjected in the food chain, avoid health hazards and protect species and their natural habitat by choosing insect-based products. Choosing an alternative to fish proteins is also a great way to put an end to human rights and labour rights violations happening at sea in literal slavery boats. 


The applications of biomass conversion are very diverse. First, the breeding of the flies’ larvae makes for protein-rich powders and fatty oils that will feed farm and aquatic animals. These products have been thoroughly tested and are proved to have relevant nutritional value and beneficial effects on animal health, with great immuno-stimulant properties. Secondly, our oil can also be used in other ways by industries relying on natural ingredients, and can enter into the composition of products like cosmetics. Finally, all the byproducts of our factory are recycled in order to create organic fertilizers which will enrich all types of soil for agriculture.