Entobel is a Singaporean based biotech company developing the potential of the Black Soldier Fly – Hermetia illucens, an insect species well known for its bioconversion capacity and potential as resource for various industries including animal feed and animal health.

Entobel mission is to close the loop in our global food system by upcycling low value biomass into functional ingredients thanks to insects.

The Insect Production

and Processing Technology

From raw materials to end products, we have built a 100% traceable and sustainable supply chain in
which low value biomass is upcycled thanks to insects.

1.Raw material sourcing

Entobel works with reputable agritech and food companies to collect their by-products which then becomes the food for our black soldier fly larvae. Entobel considers traceability and stability paramount when selecting a raw material source.

2.Closed and controlled environment

Entobel produces each single insect on site in a fully closed environment. From egg to fly, each step is monitored to mimic the best environment so our insects can thrive.

3.Optimized lifecycle

Entobel has 8 years experience optimizing zootechnic performances of its colony. The nutrients upcycling process is completed in record time.


Each single day, fresh larvae are collected to be further processed into functional ingredients for the animal feed industry.

5.Quality control

Entobel has its own laboratory on site and assess stability of each single batch produced daily.

Founders and Story
A dedicated team with 8 years industry experience.

Gaëtan Crielaard

Master degree in Business Engineering
Solvay Business School

Alexandre de Caters

Master degree in Business Engineering
Solvay Business School


Business Plan and First
experiments in Vietnam,
learning curve


Pilot Plant
Successful trials,
grants, prizes


Series A


Demo plant ramp up in
less than 9 months
Team of 50 employees


World Scale Plant


Series B, World Scale
plant ramp up and
global expansion

The Team

Entobel team has grown to become a 50+ members multidisciplinary team covering all key aspects of the business model. The team ensures consistent and continuous improvements of our production systems and is ready for global expansion.


Practice makes perfect. Entobel already supplies reputable clients worldwide on a reoccuring basis and has built a strong customer base with its existing site.


Since 2013, Entobel has been designing and building its own solutions. After multiple iterations a robust and scalable system has been created.


Biometric improvements and product development. Entobel R&D is at the heart of its long term strategy and in the teams DNA.

Business Development

Global expansion has started to multiply production facilities in most potential locations.

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