Entobel successfully raised $30M in funding from Mekong Capital, Dragon Capital

Entobel secures $30 million investment from Mekong Enterprise Fund IV and Dragon Capital

Entobel has raised $30 million in funding from Mekong Capital’s Mekong Enterprise Fund IV and Dragon Capital.


The Mekong Enterprise Fund IV is a private equity fund that invests in companies with high growth potential in the Mekong region of Southeast Asia. The fund’s investment in Entobel is a testament to the company’s potential to become a key player in the insect farming industry.

An innovative approach to insect farming

Entobel has an innovative approach to insect farming, which entails utilizing organic waste as a substrate to feed Black Soldier Fly Larvae. These larvae are then harvested and processed into high-quality protein and oil products. This sustainable and eco-friendly method of insect farming has the potential to transform the way we produce animal feed and reduce our reliance on conventional protein sources like soy and fishmeal.


Thanks to the support of the Mekong Enterprise Fund IV, Entobel can enhance our production capacity and continue to innovate new products and applications for our insect-based protein and oil. This investment is a major milestone for the company, representing an exciting new chapter in the company’s growth and development.


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Entobel's happy team in front of the Dong Nai factory