Industrial Excellence and R&D

Entobel focuses on specific R&D programs to improve production metrics, researches to develop new applications and extract more value from insect biomass 

Quality and traceability

Entobel’s production site follows the European Commission regulatory framework.

Our insects are fed only traceable pre-consumer plant-based products, and our production site is ISO 22000 certified with a well-implemented HACCP system. Each batch undergoes daily laboratory analysis and careful tracking from raw materials input to end product.

Entobel Laboratory

Stability and consistency

We ensure the stability of the insect’s diet and consistency of the process, thus producing consistent products all year round. Fresh larvae are then processed under gentle conditions to preserve most of their functionalities.


Entobel already supplies reputable clients worldwide on a recurring basis and has built a strong customer base with our existing sites.


Since 2013, we have been designing and building our own solutions. After multiple iterations, a robust and scalable system has been created.


Biometric improvements and product development. Entobel’s R&D is at the heart of our long-term strategy and in the team’s DNA.

Business development

Global expansion has started to multiply production facilities in most potential locations.