In the heart of SEA

Located in the heart of South East Asia, our insect-based protein and fertilizer production plant is the first of its kind in Vietnam, and complies with European Union standards.

Operational since 2019 and located in Dong Nai province, this ultra-modern insect farm is ideally located in southern Vietnam, near Ho Chi Minh City.

Entobel has chosen this strategic location for three main reasons: the tropical climate of the region, ideal for the production of Black Soldier Flies (BSF), the quick access to major communication infrastructures, and the proximity with the largest agricultural and aquaculture production capacities of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and all SEA countries.

First of all, being located in the tropics, the region of Dong Nai and more generally southern Vietnam presents ideal climatic conditions for the growth and development of our Black Soldier flies and larvae. The temperatures there are indeed warm and stable all year round, guaranteeing a healthy population and a constant production. 

Next, Dong Nai province is geographically close to the economic capital of Vietnam of Ho Chi Minh City and its 10 million inhabitants. Thus, our insect factory is located near important roads, ports and airports in order to be able to supply the Asian and international market with our insect-based products.

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Finally, southern Vietnam is particularly suitable for agriculture and fish farming. Whether it’s the mountains around Dalat or the Mekong Delta, all of southern Vietnam is known to produce a major part of the country’s food. Fruits and vegetables grow in abundance in fields or greenhouses that can take advantage of our natural fertilizers, and animal farms are the ideal candidates for  receiving our insect-based proteins quickly and easily. Fish farming and aquaculture are also kings in southern Vietnam, foremost of which is shrimp production, the country being the 3rd largest producer in the world (After China and Thailand). Our products are an ideal food base for these cultures, preserving the environment, the diet and the taste of the animals. By being close as to these food production centers, we reduce the transport time necessary for the use of our insect-based products.

European Standards of


Our insect production facility is fully compliant with the best standards of the industry.

Conceptualized by European engineers, our factory is subject to the safety rules in force in the European Union, in accordance with ISO 22000 and HACCP standards.

While HACCP principles apply to food safety, ISO 22000 goes one step further and applies to management procedures and corporate structures.

To obtain these certifications, our Vietnamese factory has therefore undergone biological, chemical and physical tests and analyses, in order to eliminate any viral, microbial and toxic risk (heavy metals, toxins) or any other various contaminations.

Likewise, our entire managerial process has been tested and proven to ensure overall good functioning.
As a result, all of our insect-based products are ready to be exported and used anywhere in the world, at the best sanitary conditions.

Insect Production


Only a few years after its opening in Dong Nai, our first plant for the production of insect-based fertilizers and proteins has a production capacity of 1.000 MT of insectmeal per year.

2020 will see the construction of a new factory with an estimated production capacity of 10.000 MT. Several others will follow with similar capacities, this time in other tropical countries. 


Automation and technical know-how

The equipment and machines used in our BSF production plant were tailor-made to best meet the needs of this innovative industry that is insect cultivation.

The factory is automated, with engineers continuously ensuring the smooth running of operations and monitoring the development of insects in the best possible conditions.

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