H-Ferti is comprised of larvae frass and non digested organic substrate.

Chemical fertilizers degrade soil quality over time, stripping the soil of its natural microbes and nutrients. BSF Fertilizer does the opposite and encourages healthy soil for naturally lush plant growth.


a multi-functional soil amendment


H-Ferti has a balanced NPK content and is rich in minerals

Rich in Microorganisms

Contains every functional group of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.
Contains nitrifying bacteria and nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Plant Health

High content of chitin originating from insect skin. Chitin triggers the immune systems of plants. Thus, causing them to rev up and defend themselves against predators like root-feeding nematodes and disease pathogens in the soil.

A high quality soil amendment suitable for several kind of applications




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H-Ferti is a natural by-product created by the metabolism of the Black Soldier Fly Larvae, and is composed by the castings of the larvae, shed skin (chitin exoskeletons), and indigestible organics. 

During their growth, the BSFL are fed on a large variety of traceable pre-consumer organic material such as fruits, rice straw, food waste, and so on. 

BSFL have an enormous appetite and convert those wastes at an incredible quick rate. They break down fibers and release nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, making for a great fertilizer. 

Organic Farming

H-Ferti is particularly well suited for seed starting, cuttings, and early plant growth for all kinds of crops : cereals, fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees…

Hydroponic Farming

H-Ferti can be used as root drench or foliar spray and is thus very convenient for hydroponic cultures and greenhouses. 

Home Gardening

H-Ferti can be used for domestic gardening, in containers, hanging baskets, and raised beds. It can also be applied to gardens and lawns. 

The feed conversion ratios of the Black Soldier Fly Larvae are known to be superior to both crickets and mealworms, making H-Ferti in particular one of the lesser energy-consuming fertilizer to produce.

H-Ferti has a higher N-P-K (Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Calcium) concentration than animal manures and compost, making for stronger crops. 

By using H-Ferti, you reduce your carbon footprint, decrease the volume of landfill waste, and support sustainable and organic food programs.

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