Committed to
a circular food system

Entobel team has grown to become a 100+ members multidisciplinary team covering all key aspects of the business model

Founding team

Ten years ago, our co-founders, both hailing from Belgium, set off on a daring adventure to Vietnam, driven by their passion for the innovative industry and the limitless possibilities it presented. Their hearts were ablaze with a singular mission: to unleash the untapped potential of the Black Soldier Fly.

Gaëtan Crielaard is the Co-Founder at Entobel.

Gaëtan Crielaard


Alexandre de Caters is the Co-Founder at Entobel.

Alexandre de Caters


From the beginning...

2012 - 2014
The beginning
Seed funding

We perfected our business plan and started our first experiments and learning curve in Vietnam.

2015 - 2017
Testing the water
First pilot plant

We completed successful trials through continuous iteration and obtained grants and prizes.

Series A

We proved that our model worked and raised funds for the construction of the demo plant. 

First commercial batches

The demo plant was up and running in less than 9 months. Our team grew up to 50 employees.

An important milestone
Series B

The construction of the world-scale plant in Ba Ria Vung Tau, Vietnam started.

2023 and beyond

We are ready for global expansion!

Our core values


Discussion and exchanges at Entobel and with its stakeholders are compelled by data, rather than by intuition or by personal experience. The data-driven message is then conveyed simply and directly yet effectively to align as fast as possible with all relevant parties.

Empathy & Team Spirit

Entobel believes in open and honest communication. Listening with empathy builds trust, respect, and loyalty. We treat others the way we would like to be treated. Entobel thrives to create an environment where team members have a strong desire to work together towards achieving Entobel’s mission and support each other in achieving their respective goals.


Straightforward is the preferred way to express ourselves at Entobel. A message should be straight to the point and anyone should not be afraid to share their opinions in a direct way. It means that we should be simple in our behavior toward others and in our ways of delivering any message.


Entobel encourages every single of its members and its stakeholders to choose to do or suggest new things that create value without being constrained by what has been done in the past, or what others are doing today. Innovation can and should happen at every single level of the organization and the status quo should always be challenged.