Partner with us

Entobel is closing the loop in our global food systemby providing sustainable, highly nutritious solutions for animals and plants!

As a client

Are you looking for sustainable and functional feeding solutions?

Our products are sustainable and high-performance feed options for a variety of animals, including fish, shrimp, livestock, and pet food. We are pleased to provide you with more information about our products and any ongoing trials that demonstrate their effectiveness.

As a supplier

We’re always on the lookout for new food sources to feed our hungry larvae.

As one of our suppliers, you can enter into a long-term partnership with us, guaranteeing a stable offtake. Therefore, if your farm or factory produces any by-products, such as peels or leftovers, that could be repurposed, let’s explore possible collaborations!

Partnering on science

We work with universities and industry experts to improve our processes and develop new products.

We are always open to collaborative opportunities with universities, research facilities, and industry experts to conduct R&D projects aiming at finding additional value in insect biomass and showing the functional benefits of our products.