Vietnam, a strategic location

Located in the heart of South East Asia, our insect production and processing plant is the first of its kind in Vietnam

We have chosen Vietnam for three main reasons:

The region’s tropical climate is ideal for the production of the Black Soldier Fly

The access to a stable supply of traceable feedstocks all year round

Centrally positioned in the largest aquaculture hub globally

vung tau - vietnam

World’s most CAPEX-efficient facilities

Driven by global demand, the construction of the first world-scale insect protein plant in Asia started in 2022.

A state-of-the-art factory featuring 50 levels of vertical rearing, fully automated with cutting-edge sensors, and a controlled process. With an estimated annual production capacity of 10,000 MT of H-Meal, our advanced plant is poised to meet the rapidly increasing global demand for sustainable, high-quality insect-based proteins.

Entobel's second factory in Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam
Entobel Dong Nai Factory

Dong Nai - Vietnam

Our first commercial plant

Our 1,000 MT plant in Dong Nai, doubles as our dedicated R&D center, enabling us to concentrate our efforts on upcoming projects.

Operational since 2019, our first site is ideally located in southern Vietnam.