Vinh Hoan joined Entobel as a strategic investor

Entobel is delighted to welcome Vinh Hoan as a strategic investor.

Vinh Hoan Corporation, with over 610 hectares of farming area and a daily processing capacity of 1000 MT, plays a vital role in the Vietnamese and global aquaculture industry. As one of the largest producers of farmed fish in the world, Vinh Hoan is at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. Moreover, Vinh Hoan is actively developing new technologies to improve the health of broodstock and fingerlings through its state-of-the-art Hatchery Complex.

A mutual perspective on the future of the aquaculture industry

Entobel and Vinh Hoan both envision a promising future for the aquaculture industry and are actively seeking potential synergies. Together, they are exploring sustainable ways to produce insect-fed seafood with a reduced carbon footprint. Producing insect protein in optimal tropical conditions for local aquaculture is the logical next step for our industry. This partnership not only strengthens Entobel’s position in Vietnam but also sets the stage for its regional expansion.

Vinh Hoan Corp. visits Entobel Dong Nai

Strategic synergies discussion with Vinh Hoan on 28/04/2022